Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer classes are offered throughout the week for both members and non-members. Members and non-members can purchases class packages at the front desk. As a member, your first class is FREE!

We offer the following Pilates Reformer Classes:

  • 3D Equipment Class* – Experience the anatomical planes of movement-transverse, frontal, Sagittal. All movement occurs at the joints by the way of muscles releasing or contracting to move bones at their joints. ALL CORE ALL THE TIME! Intermediate level recommended.
  • Core Cardio Pilates Equipment Class* – Strengthen the core like never before with a combination of Pilates abs exercises and fat-burning plyometric jumps with intervals on the Pilates equipment. Props are used to enhance the workout. All levels welcome, but not suitable for those with limitations or joint pain.
  • Reformer for Joint Pain* – A full-body routine follows a 10- to 15-minute warm-up. This class is safe and recommended for those who suffer from joint issues such as low back, hip, knee, neck and shoulder pain. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Total Body Pilates Equipment Class* – Class focuses on upper body, lower body and core strength. You will improve strength, stability, flexibility (created through the balance of both major and minor muscle groups) and enhance activity of daily living. For beginners.

* = Class is limited to six participants. Requires prior registration at the front desk. 

Class schedules are updated monthly. 

Classes require prior registration at the front desk. 24 hour cancellation is required. Participants cancelling less than 24 hours prior to class will be charged. Call the front desk to register at 724-250-5227

For additional information about Pilates Reformer Classes please contact Marissa Watson, Group Exercise Supervisor at 724.250.6209 or mwatson@whs.org.