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Weight Loss

Here at the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center we strive to help all members meet their own unique goals. If you are seeking a program or guidance on weight loss specifically, we have a variety of services to assist you in your weight loss journey. Most services are available for both members and non-members.

Contact Kate Stache, Fitness Manager at 724-250-56281 for further questions.


Programs specifically designed for weight loss in Washington


Biggest Winner

Biggest Winner is right around the corner and there are still spots available! Join us in our most popular weight loss challenge!       Program Dates: February 1st – February 26 Weigh ins will be every Monday.

Cost: $240 for members or $290 for non-members

3 days a week one hour workouts and two educational sessions with the dietician

The team times we have available and are now open for registration are: M/W/F – 6:00am – Kendra M/T/TH – 7:00am- Jackson T/W/F – 9:00am – Kortlyn and Sami

Register today at the front desk

Fitstops Program

When you join this program you will receive a 1-hour individual nutrition consultation to get started. After the initial consultation the FitStopsPlus Member will meet with a dietitian weekly (15 minutes) for at least six months or a year.

The Dietitian will:

  • Track progress (weight, BMI, blood pressure, waist circumference)
  • Monitor nutrition intake and make necessary recommendations
  • Provide sample meal patterns, nutrition education and resources

You will receive the accountability and structure necessary to maximize your results and reach your wellness goals.

All FitstopsPlus Members are enrolled in the Nutrition Club and receive an additional 15% off all nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, nutrition services and supplements.

Weight Loss Jumpstart

Designed to help individuals achieve weight loss goals, no matter how small or how large, with the support of our Registered Dieticians and Exercise Physiologists. Our Dietitians will conduct an initial 1 hour consultation along with a resting Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine your personal caloric requirements. After your initial consultation, you will be given 12 weeks of our Fitstops program, which includes 15 minute appointments each week with our Dietitians creating accountability for you and your weekly food intake. In addition to dietary support, you will also meet for 3-one hour sessions with our certified personal trainers who will customize a program in accordance with your metabolic rate. We can break weight loss down through Science!

Resting Metabolic Rate

Indirect calorimetry, the gold standard for determining calorie needs.

Customized one week meal plan

Meal plan completely customized and structured to your needs and food preferences. This option is great for those interested in weight loss.


Fitness Spa Washington

Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and holistic healing. Spa Harmony offers massages, body work, skin care, and nail treatments. Book your stay today.



Our classes and camps are designed to get your kids moving! From swimming to sports and fitness, there’s plenty for kids of all ages to enjoy.