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Weight Loss

Here at the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center we strive to help all members meet their own unique goals. If you are seeking a program or guidance on weight loss specifically, we have a variety of services to assist you in your weight loss journey. Most services are available for both members and non-members

Programs specifically designed for weight loss in Washington

Questions?  Contact Kate Stache, Fitness Director at   cstache@whs.org

Women on Weights

Tuesdays & Thursdays.  11:00am – 12:00pm.  February 6 through February 29.

Whether you’re new to strength training or would like to mix up your routine, this class is great for all levels! During this 4-week program, Karen Carr, Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer, will teach women proper lifting etiquette, technique and routine – and how to best strength train for your body and metabolism!

PRICING – Members: $155 Non-Members: $185 Member Drop-In: $25 Non-Member Drop-in: $35



Choose to Lose

Are you ready to make nutritional changes to achieve a healthier weight?

This nutritional program will allow you to work one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian who will evaluate your individual needs, show you where to start, and guide you on how to reach your goals to help you succeed. With this new program, you’ll receive: Resting Metabolic Rate testing and consultation. One-on-one weekly coaching. Nutritional tracking through numbers (BMI, etc.) and life style measures (stress eating, etc.). Sample meal patterns, education and recipes. Accountability and structure and more!

Both Members and Non-members of the Center are able to participate in Choose to Lose! Pricing is per month for the length of the program.

MEMBER PRICING, PER MONTH – 3-Month: $49 / 6-Months: $45 / 12-Months: $39

NON-MEMBER PRICING, PER MONTH – 3-Month: $59  / 6-Months: $55 / 12-Months: $49

Anyone who registers for Choose to Lose will also be enrolled in the Nutrition Club and receive an additional 15% off all nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, nutrition services and supplements.


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