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A Year of Reflection at Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center

With the New Year upon us, we would like to take the time to share with you our reflections from this year. The Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center had a fantastic year, and it was all made possible by those who support us and the hard work of our amazing team! From pool renovations to winning 2019 Best of the Best, we’ve had an exciting year and hope you enjoy reflecting on it with us!

Capital Improvements

Our pool underwent major renovations this year thanks to a total investment of $220,000 from the Washington Health System. This was an exciting time for the Center, with the pool renovation being the first major renovation since the locker room shower renovation project in 2014.

The renovation included replacing the drains to keep the pool deck safe and clean, repainting the ceiling and walls, and updating signage. The pool deck was also upgraded to a safer, high-quality deck material with a higher than standard co-efficiency.

Washington Health System Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center undergoing major pool renovation 

Additional investment was made in the Center with the purchased new furniture, weights, and PRECOR ellipticals. With the support of our own Washington Health System, we continue to be a place where the community can upgrade their lives.

2019 Best of the Best

Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center was honored first place in six different categories for the Observer-Reporter 2019 Best of the Best. For the Best of the Best, businesses in Washington County are nominated by the public across different categories, from Dining and Finance to Health and Home Services. Being nominated means so much to Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center because it shows us how the public appreciates what we are doing. During the Best of the Best awards, the Center brought home awards for:  Best Fitness Center, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Spa/Massage, Best Yoga Studio, and Best Place to Have a Birthday Party.

The Most Successful Summer Camp To-date

During the 2019 KidZone Summer Camp, campers experienced new adventures from the Pittsburgh ZooMobile and Carnegie Science Center to sound bath meditation and spin class. The excitement from both parents and campers for these events, mixed with appearances made by special guests, reinforced a growing momentum for our Summer Camps.

Biggest Winner Member Cookbook

The Wellness Center held its annual Biggest Winner Competition and this past year, we decided to change things up a little bit with the emphasis of the program geared more towards nutrition and how healthy eating can impact one’s fitness goals. The Registered Dietitians wanted to encourage participants by submitting healthy recipes and motivational quotes/tips that they strive for while going through a weight loss journey. The recipes and tips were compiled into a Biggest Winner Cookbook, which participants of the program all received.

A Positive Employee Outlook

The Wellness Center received the results of the Annual Employees Survey, and we are proud of our results! The top three areas where our employees had the most positive outlook included:

  • 96% of employees said they feel passionate about what they do and about their jobs.
  • 94% of employees said their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.
  • 92% of employees felt that we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations
  • 82% of employees felt respected by their managers.

Let’s Make 2020 Another Year to Remember

At Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, we are happy to have shared another amazing year with you. We couldn’t be more excited for 2020 and the incredible journey that we know it will bring.


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