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Tips for Wellness and Mindset While Staying Home

Grateful in a journal

With recommendations to stay home and continue to social distance ourselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you may be finding it difficult to stick to your wellness goals or remain in a healthy mindset.
At Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, we understand the challenges of being at home more and have put together some tips to make staying home beneficial to your wellness and your mindset.

Adopt a “Gratitude” Mindset

Although the COVID-19 situation is a difficult and trying time for many, it is crucial that we remain focused on the positive and be grateful for the things we have. Having gratitude is one of the keys to leading a happy and fulfilled life, and it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those around you. Here a few tips for adopting a “gratitude” mindset:

  • Look For The Good in the Situation- In trying times, this can be difficult to do. While being stuck at home can be seen as a negative for many, you can take this situation and use it as an opportunity to learn something new, such as taking on a new hobby like knitting, painting, or yoga. Maybe you have a book that you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time. Take this time to pull it from the shelf and enjoy getting lost in a good story. Cherish movie nights with your family at home, try a new board game you haven’t opened yet. Take this time to remember what you are grateful for and create new experiences that can help you find the good.
  • Express Your Gratitude- By expressing your gratitude every day, you can create a more positive sense of wellbeing. Think about the people who have shaped or changed your life for the better and let them know how grateful you are for them. If you want to reach out to someone who is not in your household, consider giving them a call or using FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype to have a positive face-to-face conversation to lift not only their spirits but yours as well.
  • Appreciate the Little Things- It can be easy to get lost focusing on work or other achievements, take this time to put things into perspective and appreciate the little moments with your family, significant other, pets or roommates. Maybe you tried a new recipe the family loved, or you and your roommates discovered a hilarious new show that you can’t stop laughing about. It’s important to take a step back and cherish those small moments and be grateful for them.

Adopting this type of mindset can not only help you while staying home, but it can also benefit you by increasing your happiness and positive emotions and may even help you sleep better!

Take the Time to Focus on Your Movement

While many of us are sitting more at home now, it is very important to keep yourself active. Although you have more time to work out at home or take the dog for a long walk, you may find that you’re not getting out there and doing it. To help keep you motivated, put your exercise on your calendar. Whether you want to do a HIIT workout on YouTube or take a long walk around the neighborhood, be sure to put that activity on your calendar for the next few weeks to help you stay on track. As you complete each workout or activity, you will feel good about what you’ve accomplished, which can also help you maintain a positive mindset.

Don’t Sabotage Your Nutrition

If you are settling down for a Netflix marathon, getting ready to watch the latest box office hit, or need a snack at your desk to hold you over until lunch, avoid sitting down with an entire bag or container of food. It is easy to overeat when you are distracted by the computer or television, so be sure to portion out your snacks so you can keep your nutrition goals on track.
It is also important to avoid processed foods when you reach for a snack or prepare a meal. Processed foods tend to be high in sugars, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and contain a variety of artificial ingredients. The fats in these processed foods, such as vegetable oil, contain excessive amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids, which drive oxidation and inflammation in the body.
Stick with foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, organic eggs and olive oil, and even dark chocolate for an indulgent, anti-inflammatory treat!

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Whether you are working from home or are an essential employee who is still commuting, you can take advantage of less traffic or the convenience of being home and get a few extra hours of sleep. Sleep is an important part of your mental and physical health. While you sleep, your brain is preparing for the next day and is forming new pathways that will help you learn and retain information. Without sufficient sleep, you can begin to experience an issue such as problems expressing emotion, handling changes, or solving problems, which can affect your healthy mindset.
For your physical health, sleep allows your body to heal and repair your heart and blood vessels and also helps to keep your immune systems strong. Sleep deficiency can put you at a higher risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. To get a better night’s rest, be sure to keep your bedtime consistent, sleep in a cooler room, and avoid eating within 2 hours of bedtime.

Use these tips to help maintain a positive mindset and your overall wellness as you remain at home. While our facility is currently closed due to COVID-19, we welcome you to sign up for our newsletter and follow us at @cameronwellness for the latest updates as we learn more.


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