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How to Keep Your Kid Active This Winter

Kids Fitness Washington

The bitter cold and snowy conditions of winter can make getting enough exercise difficult even for the most active kid. As we all know, exercise has many health benefits, so it’s important for kids to remain active throughout the winter.

It is recommended that children who are between the ages of 6-17 should perform 60 minutes or more of exercise, moderate or vigorous, per day. To achieve this goal and maintain it, especially during the winter, we’ve put together a few tips on how you can keep your family happy and healthy throughout the winter.

Brave the Cold

Even in the colder weather, fresh air and outdoor activity can do wonders for keeping your children active. Be sure to bundle up, dressing in layers with boots and thicker socks. It’s also important to wear gloves and a hat the entire time outdoors. Your children can walk the dog, go sledding, have a snowball fight with friends, or even shoot basketball to get their heart up and get moving.

Battle Cabin Fever with a Change of Scene

Don’t let cabin fever set in, get out of the house and try a new location where you and your children can get active. You could go to an indoor basketball court, bowling alley, indoor pool or a roller- or ice-skating rink. At the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness & Fitness Center in Washington, you can beat cabin fever and get active indoors with our wellness center and gym that provides a variety of activities for children and adults to stay happy and healthy throughout the winter.

Try an Indoor Class

With exercise, consistency is key. To get your child in a routine for the winter, consider signing them up for an exercise class. Not only will it help them remain active, but they will have the chance to try something new and meet new people. Our kids programming, from swimming to sports can keep your children active and social.

Our Kidzone Programs include Parent/Child Yoga, Kids in Action, and Tumbling Toddlers. We also offer group swim lessons, starting as young as 6 months – 3 years for parent and child lessons, preschool classes for 3-5 years old and youth classes for children 6-13 years old. Additionally, we provide youth sports performance training to help your child improve their performance through movement, mindset, nutrition, and recovery with private and group options available.

Break out of the winter exercise slump and bring your family to our state-of-the-art gym in Washington. From yoga classes to swim lessons, we have a wide range of classes to help your child get active and remain that way throughout the winter. Let our expert staff help you beat cabin fever with a fun exercise program! Be

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