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What are the Types of Group Exercise Classes?

Group Cycling Class

Group exercise is a great way to get motivated and stay active. At Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, we offer a variety of group exercise classes to meet your fitness needs. Whether you are just starting on your wellness journey or would like to change up your routine, we have the classes for you!


Our aquatics classes are a great way to promote muscle endurance and strength in a low-impact environment. We offer a variety of aerobic-style classes such as Aqua Zumba, Aqua Strength, Aqua Cardio, Aqua Interval, H2O Challenge, and Aqua Circuit that involve low-impact movements, cardio, and weight training designed to get your heart pumping!

Circuit Training

Our circuit training classes are interval-style and fast-paced, with a series of exercises that complete a circuit. During circuit training, you will complete one exercise for 30 seconds to one minute and then move on to the next exercise for another 30 seconds to a minute. Once you complete a full circuit, you will enjoy a brief break for water. Typically, circuits can average between 5-6 different exercises, which will be repeated 3-5 times.

Our circuit workouts are great for those looking for fast-paced workouts that incorporate cardio and strength training.


If you are looking for an exciting, heart-pumping workout, then kickboxing classes may be right for you! This martial-arts-style fitness class will provide you with a great cardio workout while also building endurance, toning the core and muscles, improving coordination, and more. The movements included in this class will also help with flexibility, agility, and balance.

You will perform intervals of punching and kicking either individually or with a partner. Kickboxing can help you stay in shape while also providing you with an outlet for stress relief.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout for those who are looking for a fast-paced class filled with challenging intervals and upbeat music. These classes include intervals of standing and sitting and will also adjust in intensity or grade of the bike.

These classes are around 45 minutes long. We recommend that you bring a towel and water bottle to class. If you’re new to cycling, your instructor can help you adjust the height of the bike and handles to ensure they are set at the best height for your safety and comfort.


Yoga has a variety of variations, including ones we offer, such as Gentle/ Restorative Yoga, Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and more. We offer yoga classes for both beginners and those experienced in yoga. In general, yoga is an exercise that consists of concentrated movements and postures. These movements are designed specifically to tone, strengthen, improve flexibility and align your body. These movements are often used with breathing techniques to create a relaxing experience.

Yoga is a great class for people who want to relax while toning their muscles and becoming more flexible.


Pilates has many similarities to yoga. With yoga, you will focus on flexibility and strength using postures and grounding positions that work to help you feel balanced and centered, whereas, with pilates, there is more of a focus on the core. Pilates uses a series of small repetitive movements that isolate muscles or full muscles groups.

Pilates is a total body toning workout that also improves endurance. You can expect to do exercises such as core exercises, side planks, and planks, along with integrated breathing.

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Our group classes are designed to give you a community of support on your wellness journey. Choose from the many varieties of group experiences we offer and get started today!


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